Brief Introduction
Prosun is a professional lamps manufacturing company, covering a large area of 26,000 square meters, with 6 assembly lines and electronic workshops. Our products include 5 main series: desk lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, artificial lamp and LED lamp.
Most of our products have got international approval for "UL", "CU", "GS", "CE", S-mark.
Sales Network
With years’ market infrastructure, our products have enjoyed tremendous popularity in many foreign countries, such as America, Japan, Europe, etc.
Sales Channel
Especially for some large supermarkets, DIY markets and boutiques, we have established good and long-term cooperative relationship with them and you can find our products displayed and sold in these places.
Through two years’ cooperation with a French design team Design Pool, especially by the designs from Jean Pierre Vitrac and Jeremy Morgan, our products have already got great breakthrough compared with the old and traditional products. Now we have developed quite a lot of products with special design concepts and gained good reflection from clients and market. We will continue to develop more and more perfect products.
Product Transformation
Previously,?most?of?our?old?products?are?quite?common, such?as?with?round?or?square?head?and?base,?plus?a?thin?lamp?pole.?However, now?we?have?the?"fresh?air"?for?our?products,?with?unique?and?novel?design, completely?different?with?the?products?on?the?market.
Contact Us
East Industrial Zone Baiguan Street Road,
Shangyu, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Phone / 0086-575-81222966
Tel / 86-13905852966
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